Wordsmith poetry packages

Expressing the Anthology:

Wordsmith is committed to helping young people to have an enriching experience with the poetry featured on the National Curriculum. Through the projects we deliver, we have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact that the performance of poetry can have on a young person’s understanding of and engagement with a text.

Wordsmith’s roster has some of the leading poets in the North West poetry circuit and they represent diverse backgrounds allowing them to capture the many voices of the authors featured in the National Curriculum Anthology. Our poets are all extremely passionate about poetry and inspiring young people to gain a greater appreciation of poetry and can bring the texts of the National Curriculum Anthology to life by performing them live at your school for your students.

Benefits of Expressing the Anthology:

  • Wordsmith’s roster of poets. Schools purchasing the Expressing the Anthology package will be provided with performers who can capture the voice, tone and mood of the poems featured in the anthology;


  • Flexibility. Wordsmith will come and perform at your school on a date and time that suits you. We can perform the poems over a half-day (3 hours) or a full day (6 hours) spread amongst your students-whether that is for a class/set or the entire year group. We can also offer a discussion of the works as a follow-on activity;


  • Minimal burden on school’s resources. A Wordsmith performance at your school will save the time spent booking travel for your students to attend live performance events such as Poetry Live and producing the risk assessments required for a trip to an external venue.


  • Intimacy with the performers. A Wordsmith performance will allow your students to be enriched by a performance that engages them on a personal level. Performances in large, out-of-school venues can be impersonal and this can have an adverse impact on their enjoyment and therefore the understanding of the text being presented;

Wordsmith are happy to discuss the number of students your school would like to engage in order to ensures rewarding engagement for your students and value for money for your school. Once we have agreed upon what your school requires, we will be able to provide you with a bespoke quote.


National Poetry Day:

Wordsmith has a team of dynamic, dexterous poets available to create some sonic magic with your students. Exploring and expressing on this yearly themes national poetry celebration.


Single school Poetry projects

Based on the same showcase/slam model that engages and energizes a group, class or the whole school with writing and performance workshops culminating in a slam, anthology and Wordsmith website profile with video.


Poets in residence

Wordsmith coaches are all poets of note within the North West circuit.  Wordsmith can supply a poet to document school life for a specified period of time.  The process can involve students and or staff to create a unique artistic perspective on your schools journey.